iPhone 7 cases fit the iPhone 6s inside, showing no major in design

In case it wasn’t abundantly clear already, new cases for the iPhone 7 show that the new phone will not bring a new design. These cases were photographed at an event in London by Pocket Lint. They are built by accessory maker Cygnett for the 7 (based on specs available to the company), but the cases themselves are demoed with an iPhone 6s inside (note the antenna lines).

The official unveiling of the iPhone 7 is still a long way off and these could possibly be decoys. However, leaked dimensions show the new phone will be the same size as its predecessor and Apple’s security in recent years hasn’t been particularly good at keeping secrets anyway.

It seems that Apple is betting on the iPhone Plus to bring the novelty (with things like a dual-camera setup) while the iPhone 7 will be a simple refresh.