iPhone 6s torn down by iFixit, display assembly weighs 60g

It’s the same every year come September for iPhone fans the world over – long lines forming overnight in front of Apple stores. There’s that dedication, and then there’s fly-half-way-across-the-world-to-Australia dedication to be among the first to get your hands on an iPhone 6s, and that’s exactly what repair specialists from iFixit have done.

The crew picked up this year’s hero Rose Gold color option, as an extra bit of flair can never hurt the disassembly. As usual, the process starts with undoing two proprietary Pentalobe screws, which keep the screen in place. Adhesive lining along the perimeter gives more resistance than the old generation, but suction cups emerge victorious eventually.

It’s the 4.7-inch display assembly that accounts for the biggest changes thanks to the 3D Touch tech. The complete module now weighs a massive 60g – 15g more than the old iPhone 6 and the single heaviest component of the smartphone. The fact that the display is the first to come off earns the iPhone 6s points for repairability – it’s the part that gets replaced most often.

Underneath is the battery, with capacity reduced to 1,715mAh from the 1,810mAh of last year’s model. It’s removed by simply pulling on the adhesive that holds it in – easy to access and replace. The Taptic engine gets the X-ray treatment, in action too. The crew then walks us through the cameras and the logical board with all the expected circuitry – the A9 chip, 2GB of Samsung-made RAM and, in this case, 16GB of storage.

In the end the iPhone 6s scores a 7/10 repairability rating, a rather impressive feat these days. The Samsung Galaxy S6, in comparison, gets a lowly 4/10.