iOS 9 adoption reaches 50% in record time

iOS 9 was only released by Apple last week, on September 16. Just two days later, over 20% of Apple mobile devices in the wild were running the newest version of the OS.

That was impressive enough, but here’s something even more so. Today, iOS adoption is already past 50%. And we’re just five days removed from the new version’s debut.

Apple says this is the fastest adoption rate it’s ever seen for a new OS iteration. According to Apple senior VP of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller, iOS 9 is on track to become the most downloaded software release in Apple’s history.

Apple always likes to brag about such numbers (even when they’re not record-breaking like they are in this case) because over in the Android camp a new version usually takes many months before it’s seen on anything but Google’s Nexus devices. For comparison’s sake, note that Android Lollipop only crossed the 20% installs threshold recently, around ten months after it was launched by Google.

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