iOS 11 may finally allow group FaceTime video calls

Ever since its introduction in 2010, Apple’s FaceTime has only supported video calls between two parties. That, however, might finally change this year. According to a yet-unconfirmed report from Israel, Apple is going to make group FaceTime calls a feature of iOS 11.

The new version of the mobile operating system will probably be unveiled, like clockwork, at the company’s annual WWDC conference in the summer. It should then go through the usual phase of developer-focused and public betas before being released for everyone in the fall, around the time the new iPhones launch.

The information regarding group FaceTime video calls in iOS 11 allegedly comes from “several people familiar with iOS development process”, which is apparently being done, in part, in Israel. The group calling feature will support up to five people at a time, and will be initialized through group iMessage conversations.

Source (in Hebrew) | Via