iOS 10 has been bricking a small number of devices

Apples iOS 10 is officially out and everyone is able to enjoy what iOS 10 has to offer. The downside is that the iOS 10 update has been bricking some users devices. Both iPhones and iPads have been reportedly bricked and wont turn on after installing the update.

If you should find yourself in such a predicament, try doing the following:

Connect your device to iTunes
Force a restart by holding the Power and Home keys for about 10 or 15 seconds until the device has started in recovery mode.
When prompted to restore or update you should select restore. This is going to erase everything on your device so you hopefully backed your device up before starting the update process.
Once your device powers back on, you can continue the setup process.
If this does not work, theres no harm in trying to perform the restore a second time. Otherwise, youll need to contact Apple Care and take your device into an Apple Store.

If either your Home or Power Keys are not working, then you will also have to contact Apple care.

Apple has stated that the issue has since been fixed, so if you have not already, you should be able to install the iOS 10 update with no more bricking issues.

Statement from Apple on iOS 10 update issues:

Rene Ritchie (@reneritchie) September 13, 2016

It is always recommended to back up your iOS device before performing a major iOS update. If you dont own a PC or Mac, you can always use iCloud to back everything up. And if you dont have enough storage for photos, theres always Google Photos which also works well with iOS.

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