iOS 10.0.2 is released, fixes iPhone 7 EarPod issue

Apple is now rolling out a fix for the issues that some were having with the iPhone 7 and the lightning EarPods that came with the phone. The controls on the Earpods were spontaneously activing on their own, causing songs to play/pause, skip, and Siri going off on its own. This was happening with both the headphone adapter, and the new ones with a lightning plug.

@scttor @siracusa @atpfm this seems to happen with my lightning EarPods as well, not just adapted 3.5mm headphones

Michael Cailler (@michaelcailler) September 18, 2016

The update also squashes a couple of other bugs relating to the Photos app crashing and another bug that didnt allow some app extensions to become enabled.

The update is now out and can be installed by going into the Settings > General > Software Update. Depending on what version you are updating from, the update is anywhere between 30 MB and 60 MB.