Instagram rolls out batch uploads to Stories

Today, Instagram is rolling out a new feature that lets IGers post up to 10 pieces of media to an Instagram Story in one go. You can select up either photos or video clips and edit each one before posting them to your story all in one go.

This makes it easier to use your phones native camera to shoot and enjoy your day without having to constantly edit stories before uploading. At the end of your day, you can choose the media youd like to upload and Instagram will let you edit each one with stickers, tags, text, or any way that you like to decorate your Stories before posting.

Instagram will also be able to read the images GPS coordinates and suggest locations to tag in the photos. Since videos dont save GPS info, wed imagine itd only work for still photos.

Snapchat is falling behind Instagram while the latter is constantly pushing out updates that its users are enjoying. The batch Story uploads feature is one that will certainly keep IGers happily posting to Instagram Stories. This comes not long after Instagram introduced the Focus filter.

The feature is coming to Android devices now while iOS will have to wait til the coming weeks.