Instagram blocks links to Telegram profiles

Instagram is further buckling down on links to profiles for Snapchat or Telegram that are posted directly on the Instagram users short profile. The image sharing giant has been caught denying users the ability to post links that directly link followers to their follow-me links.

Another @Facebook tentacle closes on users’ ability to share a link to their Telegram profile. #hypocrisy

Telegram Messenger (@telegram) March 2, 2016

Telegram tweeted about this and gave it the hashtag #hipocrisy. Instagram spokesperson confirmed to Mashable that the use-case and reason for blocked links is that it is misuse of the platform and was not intended to be used to gain followers via direct follow-me links.

Here is where the #hipocrisy comes in: direct follow-me links are allowed on Instagram profiles, only if the profile happens to be a Twitter profile.

Telegram is still a fairly new feature-packed service, but it seems that these other messaging giants feel threatened by Telegrams potential and dont want to have any part in Telegram potentially gaining growing any faster than it already is.

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