Indian retailer teases a Galaxy On series phone with Super AMOLED display

As you might already know, Samsung has made official the 2016 edition of the Galaxy On7 (it’s available for purchase in China) and has even teased the upcoming Galaxy On5 (2016). While the new On7 comes with full HD screen, the new On5 – according to its TENAA listing – sports a 720p HD display.

Now, India-based online retailer Flipkart, in a Facebook post, has revealed that a new Galaxy On phone is coming soon, and it will exclusively carry the device.

What’s worth mentioning here is that the post clearly says – in fact it emphasizes – that the phone in question sports a Super AMOLED full HD display.

Now, given that the newly-launched Galaxy On7 (2016) features a full HD TFT screen, it could be possible that India will get a Super AMOLED variant of the device. Or another possibility could be that the phone is a completely new Galaxy On device that hasn’t been the subject of any leaks or rumors so far.

Thanks for the tip, Karthik!!!

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