Huawei starts selling Mate 20 Pro’s protective case for its underwater mode

The new Huawei Mate 20 Pro has the usual IP68 protection against water and dust but it’s not merely enough to dive with it and shoot stills and videos underwater. So here’s where the special Diving Case comes into play and it just got released on in China enabling the advertised underwater camera mode.

Mate 20 Pro's Dive Case
Mate 20 Pro's Dive Case
Mate 20 Pro's Dive Case

Mate 20 Pro’s Dive Case

The case itself is designed to withstand a pressure of up to 5 meters for 1 hour and can also be used in salt water. It should be easy to use under water thanks to the protruding buttons on the side while the camera mode uses an intelligent image processing to capture your videos and stills without distortion.

The asking price of the casing is CNY 599 ($86) and we hope it hits markets in the rest of the world in the following weeks, since as of now, it’s only been spotted in China.