Huawei P11 name trademarked by the company

Weve had some back and forth on the next Huawei P-series phone and its starting to feel like Huawei itself hasnt made the decision yet. First, the company trademarked P20, now it trademarked P11.

The application was filed in the US, the UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries. The Huawei P20 trademark was filed in the US only and that was months ago.

The companys web team was also caught preparing info pages for Huawei P11 and P12, making it more likely that Huawei will continue counting upward without skipping any numbers. The P12 will probably have to wait for next year, though there wont be any shortage of P phones there could be as many as three models (not counting the inevitable P11 Lite).

Anyway, the application mentions phones, of course, but smartwatch is also pretty prominent on the List of goods and services. Huaweis Honor Band may be due for a rebranding.

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