Huawei P10 is unofficially available in the US for $531.99

While it is the first P-series Huawei handset to be released in Canada, the P10 still isn’t headed to the US unfortunately. Not through the official channels at least. But what if you are in the US and for some reason simply have to have a P10?

Well, now there’s a solution for your problem. One eBay seller with 99.7% positive feedback (out of more than 13,000 reviews) is offering to ship you the dual-SIM international model of the P10, namely the VTR-L29 iteration. You can pick from blue, gold, or black, and regardless of which color you choose you will be required to pay $531.99 for the phone.

There’s apparently a limited quantity available at that price, so act fast if you’re interested. Do note that while you’re buying an unlocked unit, you should check with your carrier to see if it supports all the necessary bands – you wouldn’t want to be stuck without 4G connectivity, for example. Since the VTR-L29 does not support CDMA at all, carriers who use that technology (such as Verizon and Sprint) are out of the question.

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