Huawei Honor V8 teardown reveals hardware similar to P9’s

Huawei Honor V8 went official two weeks ago and it’s one of the most interesting devices the company has outed lately.

The V8 is an all-metal smartphone with a 5.7″ IPS display, powered by the latest Kirin chipset, and featuring a dual 12MP camera setup on its back – one monochrome and one color sensor. Sounds familiar?

The difference with the P9, besides the screen estate, is that you can get the V8 with a 1080p display, or for the first time ever in a Huawei phone – with a Quad HD screen. Depending on the resolution Kirin 950 with 32GB storage or Kirin 955 with 64GB storage will be embedded under the hood.

There are no Leica software optimizations though, which means no Vivid or Smooth color modes. The two sensors are the same though – both Sony IMX286.

Well, the phone has been torn down already in China and the pictures revealed a well-built device with familiar internals. The Honor V8 is not the easiest smartphone to repair, because of its comprehensive stack of components and adhesive. But it isn’t all filled with glue, so any skillful repairman should be fine.

Enjoy the Huawei Honor V8’s internals – they may answer some questions you may have been having.

For even more pictures, check the link below.