HTC videos highlight the benefits of U11+ and U11 Life

HTC introduced the HTC U11+ and U11 Life to challenge the flagship and mid-range markets. If you have 8 minutes to spare, you can listen to HTCs Vice President talking about what makes these two so special (and dont forget to check our U11 Life hands-on review as well).

He kicks off with a recap of some unique U11 features, which are also present in the U11 Life the EdgeSense, the noise-canceling USonic headphones and the cameras HDR Boost. Also, the Life is HTCs first Android One phone. Not in the US, though.

Speaking of the US, American viewers might want to stop the video after it starts to focus on the HTC U11+ – or keep watching to see what they are missing out on. Yep, the U11+ is not coming to the US.