HTC U11 was Antutus best performing smartphone of May 2017

Antutus top ten best-performing smartphones of May take the average benchmark scores of all the tests run on Antutus benchmarking app during the entire month of May. This is the first month since the iPhone 7 Plus release that Apples fastest iOS device is no longer the fastest smartphone in the world.

The HTC U11 has surpassed the iPhone 7 Plus in Antutus overall performance benchmark. With an average score of 180,079, the U11 is well above the iPhone 7 Plus average score of 174,299. Trailing behind are the Xiaomi Mi 6 in third at 172.4k points, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in fourth and fifth at around 172.3k points.

From last month, the iPhone 7s spot was over taken by the Xiaomi Mi 6 and the Galaxy S8/S8+. In fact, the iPhone 7s average score dropped, which is a common occurrence as smartphones age and software is updated. In the iPhone 7s situation, Antutu speculates that the reduction in UX and single-core scores for the iPhone 7 could be attributed to the iOS 10.3 update.

Were seeing a much smaller performance gap between Android and Apples smartphones than weve seen in the past few years. Well only be seeing even more powerful and efficient chips on smartphones in the coming years. Some may ask: Do they need to be this fast and powerful? Well, thats a different conversation for another day.

Check out the source link for Antutus top 10 ranking for iOS and Android devices.

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