HTC U 11 will do “360 real-life recording”, according to new teaser

We are now a mere five days away from the official unveiling of HTC’s next flagship smartphone, the U 11. And the company wants to keep the hype going by publishing a brand new teaser through its Twitter account.

360 real-life recording. 05.16.17 #BrilliantU

HTC USA (@HTCUSA) May 11, 2017

As you can see, in this teaser HTC claims the U 11 will be able to do “360 real-life recording”, but stops short of explaining what that’s actually supposed to mean. “360” what? “360-degree”, perhaps? If that’s what was meant here, we’re baffled as to why that word was omitted – there were plenty of characters left there to work with, Twitter’s 140 limit was still far off.

Anyway, for now we are taking this to imply that the U 11 will do some kind of magic 360-degree video capture from its lone 12 MP rear camera, but we aren’t going to speculate on how that might be achieved. We’ll find out all the official details next Tuesday anyway.