HTC stops manufacturing Nexus 9

After the Nexus Player got axed, its now the turn of the ill-fated Nexus 9 tablet. HTC has confirmed to CNET that the company is stopping the manufacturing of Googles latest Nexus tablet.

The Nexus 9 was announced back in October 2014 alongside the Nexus 6. Being the second Nexus device manufactured by HTC, long after the very first Nexus One, there was some excitement around it. However, the tablet got almost universally panned in reviews, particularly for its poor build quality and quality control issues, not to mention the high price that didnt sit well with consumers who are already not too keen on Android tablets. The Nexus 9 wasnt quite the success story the Nexus 7 was and as such was mostly just warming Googles online shelves for the past year, until it was pulled from there last month.

It remains to be seen if Google will follow it up with another Android tablet later this year or perhaps take a break from the Android tablet market.