HTC One M9’s price drops to $300 unlocked, HTC 10 is still $549

HTC has once again extended its $150 off deal for its current flagship smartphone, the 10. This was supposed to expire on October 16, but instead HTC’s online store now shows it as available until October 31. Given the company’s past antics on the matter, we assume there’s a solid chance you’ll still be able to pick up an HTC 10 for $549 come November 1, though.

But what if you don’t want to spend that much? What if you don’t mind buying a year-old smartphone that’s powered by the much-maligned Snapdragon 810 chipset? Well, in that case HTC has another deal waiting for you.

The One M9 from 2015 is now being sold by the company for just $300, unlocked of course. There are three color options to choose from, and no apparent expiration date for the offer. That said, make sure you add the phone to your cart to see the $300 price – for whatever reason it’s shown as $499 before you do that. The One M9 should still be plenty capable even in this day and age, and at this price it’s cheaper than most of the highly-rated mid-rangers of 2016.

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