HTC discontinuing its Browser from the Play Store on November 30

As part of HTCs effort to slim down on redundant apps, the company has been getting rid of apps that may be redundant with some of Googles existing offerings. This is apparent with the HTC 10, which didnt come with HTCs app offerings like HTC Internet, Fun Fit, Scribble, and Polaris Office. Even the Gallery was replaced with the Google Photos app.

But for those who have older HTC models or downloaded the HTC Internet browser on their HTC 10, the browser will no longer be supported and will become officially discontinued on November 30. After this date, the browser will no longer be available for Download on the Play Store.

HTC has since made it easy to transfer all your bookmarks to another mobile browser. Were you using HTCs internet browser up to this point? If not, which browser do you use regularly?

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