HTC America now offering financing for smartphones through TD Bank

HTC is launching its Finance Program to customers who purchase any of HTCs smartphones directly from its website. The news comes just in time before the Taiwanese phone maker is getting ready to announce a new HTC U device on November 2.

When the HTC U11 came out back in May, customers had the option to take advantage of 24 month financing through PayPal Credit. So financing an unlocked HTC phone in the States is not a brand-new occurrence.

The new HTC Financing Program can instantly approve customers online, for those making purchases of smartphones and accessories totaling $599 or more.

Payments are divided into 24 months with no finance fees for well-qualified customers.

HTC is expected to announce a new smartphone on November 2. We’ve already seen leaks and teasers from HTC. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s safe to say we might expect a new version of the HTC U11, one with an updated 18:9 display.

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