HTC 10 pre-orders have started shipping in the US

Inline with what HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon said last week, the Taiwanese company has started shipping pre-orders for its newest flagship – the HTC 10 – in the United States.

We’ve got good news: if you pre-ordered an #HTC10, they’ve now started shipping. We’re fulfilling orders as they were received.

HTC USA (@HTCUSA) May 4, 2016

Given that this announcement was made directly by HTC, it’d be reasonable to assume that the company is talking about pre-orders placed through its own online store. A quick look at the firm’s official website reveals that the $699 device is now in fact available for purchase.

While HTC is selling both unlocked and Verizon variant, the latter can be purchased from the carrier’s official website as well – the device carries $648 price tag there. As for other major carriers, Sprint will launch the phone on May 13, while T-Mobile is yet to share a specific launch date.

AT&T, as you might already know, isn’t carrying the HTC 10.

Source | HTC US