HTC 10 is still being sold for just $549, only until October 16 though

The official price for the unlocked HTC 10 in the US is $699. However, the phone has seen many deals being offered by HTC’s online store over its lifetime. Most of the time the outlet has been selling it for $599. Starting at the beginning of this month, however, the price went down to $549.

So far we’ve only known that this is a limited time offer. Now we know exactly when it will end: on October 16 at 8:59 pm PT. So if you want to buy an HTC 10 straight from its maker, with free Uh-Oh Protection for water damage and screen replacement for the first year, then make sure you act fast.

You can choose from a few different colors: silver, Carbon Gray, Camellia Red, and Topaz Gold. The last three are exclusive to HTC’s online store, but keep in mind that the gold model will only be in stock in late October (you can pre-order it for the reduced price though).

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