How I Made $185,126 with My First Full Year As a Sales Manager

I was thinking the other day it seems like there are plenty of troubled sales managers out there today.

I was thinking the other day it seems like there are plenty of troubled sales managers out there today.

With the economy the actual way it is, it does not really matter what business you’re in – most likely you and your sales team are feeling the pinch.

So I was thinking what if I really could simply find out 5 big concepts that really made it easy to shape my success as a sales leader?

I believed if I could achieve it using these ideas, then a lot of other individuals can do it as well

The truth isI did not start off my own sales management career doing too wellin fact, I really didn’t know very well what I was doing until my first full year.

But I assume I have been smart enough to realize that I did not fully understand muchthat is why I studied the way to do great practically non-stop for a whole year.

Also, I’d been lucky enough to contain a fantastic boss and having access to some other leadership mentors their own ideas really shaped my way of thinking as a sales leader.

During my very first 12 months as a sales manager, I began to make use of a few of these strategies and then to my delight, I have my greatest money year ever, till that point in time.

I included those five things here.

Here they are:

1.Trust: Get your sales reps to believe in you so that they can in return, produce great results for both themselves and for you.

2.Empowerment: Learn to empower your sales reps so they don’t need to go to you for almost every minor thing. Understand the primary concepts that teach your reps to take reliable, correct, consistent action without your involvement needed.

3.Accountability: Set the bar higher and keep raising it! Take your own sales team along by making all of them completely accountable (this means no excuses, by the way) for his or her actions and results whether or not those results are stupid or outstanding.

4.Release of Control: Release yourself limiting/time demanding/hours-sucking control complex, while continually pushing your sales team to generate a whole lot bigger sales when you’re not with them!

5.Hire excellent (not only simply good) sales people, coach them, support all of them then unleash them and allow them to be themselves.

These 5 concepts made all the difference and still is even today.

Ill keep passing on what’s taught me to be so that maybe it will aid you as well.

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