HomePod uncovers more new iPhone 8 features

Yesterday we saw a sketch of the iPhone 8 design along with some new features that appeared in HomePod’s firmware, including facial recognition. After a deeper look, developers have uncovered hints to even more of the upcoming features – the new Apple flagship will bring “tap-to-wake” option and a split status bar.

The API holds no data whatsoever about under-the-display fingerprint scanner, so most likely Apple scrapped the idea.

Instead of having a home button, the iPhone 8 will have a home indicator that will act as the button. The status bar is also redesigned – it will be split by the earpiece and camera module.

Followers of Troughton-Smith also uncovered a lot of new references to the facial recognition that Apple is bound to implement in the new iPhone.

The Tap to wake isnt exactly a new feature in smartphones. Yet, since the iPhone 8 will be the first Apple phone without a home button, it is about time that it made it to iOS.