HMD working on Nokia 9 with under display fingerprint reader

HMD is reportedly working on a Nokia 9 phone that is referred to as the A1 Plus or A1P internally. It will build on the Nokia 8 Sirocco (A1N) with a fingerprint reader under the display, a more advanced camera and a Snapdragon 845 (the Sirocco did not upgrade the S835 chipset of the original Nokia 8).

The new device will use a P-OLED display by LG and will feature an UD fingerprint reader similar to the vivo X21 UD. FIH Mobile, which will build the phone, initially had issues as the reader was slow to respond, but that was since solved by making the display glass thinner.

HMD is rumored to be working on Nokia 9 with an under display fingerprint reader

Little is known about the camera, but apparently HMD considers it a high risk and it had to solve various problems during development.

Work on the Nokia 9 started in February and may be done in time for an H2 introduction August or September. References to A1 Plus Europe promise that the Old Continent will not be overlooked.

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