Heres whats going on with Verizon customers who live outside its coverage area

Last week, Verizon sent notifications to about 8,500 customers which comprised of about 19,000 cellular lines in 13 states, that they would be disconnected as of October 17. The reason for this is that these subscribers were using too much data while roaming off of Verizons network grid. Roaming data is expensive for carriers and Verizon doesnt seem to want these stragglers to burn a hole in its operating costs.

This would give those who received the notifications just about a months time to find a new carrier or be disconnected. Not only is this inconvenient to the customers, but it could also be expensive for those living in such remote areas with a lower cost-of-living.

Since that notification, we have become aware of a very small number of affected customers who may be using their personal phones in their roles as first responders and another small group who may not have another option for wireless service

Aside from the legal vs moral consequences of dropping customers like dead flies, some backlash from the media and affected customers alike, Verizon has had a slight change of heart today by deciding to extend the period that customers have to find a new carrier to December 1.

In addition to having more time, affected customers who may not have another choice of wireless provider will have the option to switch to the tiered plans of 2GB, 4GB, or 6GB which go for $35, $50, and $70 per month, respectively, or a 5GB plan for a single line that goes for $55.

We wonder if John Legere has anything to say about this whole ordeal.

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