Here is the changelog for Android 7.1 for Pixel and non-Pixel devices

Google did not exactly release an update log for the Android 7.1 update but Android Police managed to get their hands on it from a source, and it lists all the changes that will be present on Pixel as well as non-Pixel devices.

The list of Pixel-exclusive changes includes the new Pixel Launcher, the one where you swipe up for all the apps and has a new search widget. You also get the Google Assistant, which, make no mistake, is very much a Pixel exclusive feature and not coming to other Android phones. Pixel owners will also be able to backup all their photos and videos in full quality to Google Photos with no restrictions and full get full online and phone support in case something goes wrong. They will also get the new Pixel Camera app and some cosmetic changes, such as solid navigation bar icons, blue system theme, and some new wallpaper animations.

As for non-Pixel devices, they’d get Night Light, which is like Night Shift on iOS and gradually cuts the blue light from the display to make it easier on the eyes, touch/display performance improvements, fingerprint sensor gestures, Daydream VR mode, seamless system updates, and more.

As you can see, Google is definitely keeping some of the best bits exclusive to Pixel, but that has been the case with Android OEMs since forever where the skinned version had extra features not found in stock Android and the Pixel phones are more or less running a skinned version of Android. There is no word yet on whether ‘Pixel’ includes the Pixel C or just the two new phones, although if we had to guess we’d say it would just be the phones.

You can find the full list of changes in the source link below.