Here are the new 2018 additions to Google’s Android Excellence app list

Truth be told, we rarely find ourselves just aimlessly browsing for new apps, without any particular usage in mind. Still, it doesn’t hurt to get some recommendations from time to time, especially when they come straight from Google.

The online titan recently updated its “Android Excellence” list with some 2018 entries. That is to say, not necessarily 2018, newly published apps, but rather, apps that in their current form represent what the company considers “the best experiences and top performing apps and games on the Play Store”.

While most users will likely enjoy browsing through the games list a bit more, any developers out there should probably start digging around the UX and functionality found throughout all the distinguished apps.

And if curated lists are right up your alley but these don’t exactly scratch your itch, Google has a few other published. All of them can be found here.