Helping The Environment Through Carbon Offset

Carbon offset is helping to protect the world from the catastrophic effects of ecological degradation and global warming by its mission to reduce carbon emissions in big industries and manufacturing entities, as well as at an individual level.

Carbon offset is helping to save the world from the catastrophic effects of ecological deterioration and global warming by its mission to decrease carbon emissions in large industries and manufacturing units, as well as at an individual level.

The emission of hazardous greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is balanced by the carbon offset system through the use of renewable and cleaner energy resources, reforestation schemes and various other eco-friendly initiatives. The greenhouse gas emission caps for developed and emerging nations are governed by the Kyoto Protocol, an internationally recognized pact, which was ratified in 2005 by almost all countries of the world.

The Protocol states that industries releasing a huge amount of carbon dioxide must limit their CO2 emissions to prescribed levels, or else pay a carbon tax, which is an environmental tax on hazardous emissions, or alternatively purchase carbon credits certificates that can be transacted in the market. One carbon credit, which is an older method than carbon offset, permits the credit’s owner to discharge 1000 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and this technique is the most economical way of buying an allowance to release extra greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Many big industries voluntarily purchase carbon credits in a bid to create and project their carbon neutral image before investors, customers, and business partners.

Another novel instrument, carbon offset, has paved the way for an excellent financial opportunity, especially in the developing countries, as the scheme provides adequate funding for eco-friendly projects that are created to help reduce the overall carbon footprint in the world. It therefore aids in promoting environmental projects concerned with to reforestation, conservation of resources, and green energy alternatives like tidal energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, etc.

Even individuals are increasingly making use of the carbon offset scheme to reduce their carbon footprint and are propagating this innovative way to others as well. Carbon offset can be easily purchased online through one of the several providers, but caution must be taken to make sure that your money is channelled to the right projects.

Although carbon offset is a great alternative we should also keep in mind that we need to take more proactive steps by making small environment supportive decisions in our everyday lives. What we can do additionally on our part to protect the environment is to adopt small steps like using cleaner fuels such as biodiesel, and installing LED lights instead of high-energy bulbs, and use only as much energy as we need.

Carbon offset is still not a popular word for a layman. Awareness of the same in the form of relevant education on the issue is the way forward towards a healthy and sustainable environment.

Learn more about carbon offset and carbon credits and get a deeper understanding on how you can help in saving the environment.