Headphone jack on OnePlus 5 is safe, a cryptic tweet by Carl Pei suggests

Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, is engaging fans on Twitter, but he is crafty with his words. When questioned about the headphone jack on the OnePlus 5, he simply answered: Why did the headphone jack cross the road?

One of the prototypes that weve seen so far didnt have a jack on the bottom, but we never did get to see the top side of that device. It seems that this is what Pei is hinting at, the jack will be on the other side of the handset (perhaps to make room for an extra speaker?).

Why did the headphone jack cross the road?

Carl Pei (@getpeid) May 19, 2017

Some prefer the headphone jack to be on the bottom, but thats a relatively minor issue compared to not having a jack at all (which is the current trend). Mr. OnePlus also plays with peoples minds when it comes to a potential red version of the OnePlus 5.