Googles stock price soars to highest price ever, soon after first wave of Pixel reviews

Googles Pixel and Pixel XL have not quite yet been released. However, the initial wave of reception from other blogs is quite optimistic. Not soon after this first wave of Pixel and Pixel XL reviews was released on the internet.

Today, Alphabet Incs stock opened at $814.21. Throughout the course of the day, stock began rising and reached a level that has not yet been reached by the company. Googles stock reached $828.81 at around 02:20 PM this afternoon. The highest the stock has even been in its history. The stock value closed at the end of the day (4PM) at $821.49

Stock statistics for October 18th

Bloomberg attributes the soaring stock price to the first wave of reviews for the Pixel devices, which are generally positive. It appears that Googles software and hardware efforts for the Pixel phones are already paying off, even though the phone isnt fully released yet.

Customers should begin getting their devices starting around October 20. For those who pre-ordered the phone from the Google Store and opted for ground shipping, you wont get your device until the estimated October 26-28. If you opted for next-day shipping, you can expect to have your device before the weekend or first thing on Monday morning.

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