Googles Digital Wellbeing app no longer in beta

One of the trends in smartphone software this year is the ability to track and manage time spent within apps or setting limits for time-wasters like social media. This is one of the better trends to come from 2018 with many phone makers offering a different take on this. With that said, Googles Digital Wellbeing app is no longer in beta.

If you wanted to use the Digital Wellbeing app on the Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 3, you had to sign up for a beta using your Google account. This is no longer the case as the app is now officially stable and out of beta. It is now available to all Google Pixel devices and all devices running the vanilla-flavored Android One OS.

Source: Play Store

Unfortunately, the app is not available for non-Google devices running Android Pie, but perhaps down the line Google might offer support for these brands like OnePlus and Essential, who run near-stock Android skins on their phones.

If you want to install the Digital Wellbeing dashboard on your Pixel or Android One smartphone, all you need to do is search and download it from the Play Store. Once installed, it wont be in your app drawer it will be in the Settings menu.

From here, you can view how long you are spending on which apps and set limits and conditions to keep off timewasters during times that productivity is needed.