Google wasnt able to make the Pixels waterproof due to time crunch

Amongst all the chatter about the Google Pixel phones, one popular topic of discussion was Googles decision not to make the Pixel phones totally waterproof. While they do carry an immersion rating of IP-53, the certification doesnt guarantee any kind of full submersion.

Rather, the IP-53 rating only covers sprays and splashes that come in contact with the phone up to 60 degrees from the top. Meaning youll be fine if youre caught in a rain storm while actively talking on the phone.

So why are other phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7 fully submergible while the premium-priced Google Pixels arent? According to WIREDs David Pierce while participating in the Gadget Lab Podcast. Pierce discussed his interaction with the folks that made the phone over at Google. He asked why the phone wasnt made waterproof to which Google basically replied that it ran out of time.

Google had been planning to make these phones waterproof for a long time, but when 2016 rolled around, they had to start all over again which calculates to about 9 months between starting over and launching the Google Pixels, which is quite a time crunch indeed, even for a huge company like Google which still needed to collaborate with HTC.

Even if the Pixel phones were somewhat rushed, the overall positive reception is still a good sign for Google. That paired with a void left where the Samsung Galaxy Note7 once stood might be reason for many to even consider Googles G-Phone among the other alternatives for Note7 buyers.

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