Google uploads two more Pixel ads ahead of launch

Google is really dedicated to the Pixel (XL) phones this year. If the huge ads popping up all over major cities around the world was no indication, then perhaps the fact that Google is already advertising in newspapers and has several video ads out already could mean that Google is committed to the Pixel phones and competing alongside the iPhone.

All video ads so far generally have seen a similar theme. Rather than showing off any specs, cameras or features, the phone is advertised as a cohesive experience rather than as part of the spec race. Much like the iPhone.

The ads start off with a white background and a very familiar Google search box. The idea of the search box is that it contains whats important and relevant to each and every one of us, therefore solidifying the idea that Google is a huge part of our lives. The search box eventually morphs from a long flat box to a tall slab of Pixel.

Here are Googles latest Pixel ads: Crush by You, and Together by You. #pixel