Google System being tested to locate 911 callers more accurately

We live in a world where Uber and Facebook are able to get much more accurate location information than where it is realty needed, in the event of an emergency. Apple and Google have both faced pressure in the past few years to make Android and iOS comprehensive location information available to 911 dispatchers.

Google is the first to address this by tackling a very pressing issue that faces emergency responders in the United States. When you call 911 during an emergency, the call center receives carrier information of the location of the caller. However, the problem is that the information from carriers is not very accurate and sometimes takes a while before it actually reaches the call centers.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has been quietly testing a new protocol for providing location information of 911 callers to call centers more quickly and accurately than carriers, which offer cell tower triangulation, a less accurate method to estimate location. Federal regulators estimate that reducing the response time by 1 minute could save up to 10,000 lives every year.