Google releases Motion Stills for Android

Last year, Google released a cool app that allows iOS users to stabilize the iPhones Live Photos which takes a really short video clip before and after any photo is taken as a way to relive its moment. This app is called Motion Stills, and is now available for Android.

The app doesnt let you import existing clips to process them for stabilization, but it does let you create up to one-minute long time lapses which are called fast-forwards while the apps main three-second animations are called Motion Stills.

Both the Motions Stills and Fast Forwards are stabilized in real time, eliminating the need to wait for your animation to process after taking a clip. Googles algorithm calculates the necessary stabilization required in the form of a low-res-texture map. All you have to do it fire up the app and hit the record button. Then you can see the buttery smooth animation as soon as its done.

To view your Motion Stills, just swipe up in the viewfinder. You can then share your Motion Stills with friends and youll have the option to save it as a GIF or a short Video. In addition, swiping a Motion Still to the right will add it to a timeline, you can combine more of your still to a montage of sorts.

Check out the source link for Google’s full blog post about the app.