Google posts Pixel factory images and OTA images

All Android tinkerers know its important to have the factory images available to put the phone you are tinkering with back to an original state, in case aftermarket firmware isnt working.

Google has just released the factory images for the Pixel and Pixel XL. Likewise, Google has provided a couple of new OTA files if youd like to manually flash the phone to the latest version, instead of flashing an entire image and potentially wiping the phone.

There are three factory images available, all assumingly for different regions where the Pixel phones are sold. Each build is identical, but seemingly region dependent and only differ the last letter: NDE63H, NDE63L, NDE63P.

Remember, the Verizon Pixel phones are not bootloader unlock-able, but the unlocked model sold by Google does have an unlockable bootloader. Also, if you unlock the bootloader on the Pixel, Android Pay will no longer be available for security purposes.

Factory images | OTA files | Via