Google Podcasts support coming to Android Auto soon

Back in June, Google released its own Podcasts app for Android, aptly called Google Podcasts. However, since its release, some have likely been wondering when the app would get official Android Auto integration.

Android Police reports that one of its readers began seeing Google Podcasts integration working, but not entirely. According to this reader, if you start Playing a Google Podcast before firing up Android Auto, it appears in the media controls. However the option to actually select Google Podcasts among other music apps like Google Play Music or Pocket Casts is not available.

Source: Android Police

The standalone Android Auto app makes it safer to operate a device while driving with a less distracting UI. Adding Google Podcasts to be integrated with Googles own Android Auto app would be a welcome addition.

Speaking of great app integrations, Spotify (and not Google or YouTube Music) was recently integrated to work with the default Google Clock app to be set as an Alarm tone and the feature is currently rolling out over the next week.

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