Google Play User’s Choice Awards: vote for your favorite app, game and movie

Time to vote for your favorite Android apps and games. Follow this link to the Google Play Store and cast your vote. Note that the voting is per-country (and not all countries are included). The voting ends in two weeks, the winners in each category will be announced on December 3.

The selection of apps and games you can vote for differs per country. The US also has an extra category favorite movie which doesnt seem to be available in Europe (even though the service is available).

User's choice ballot: Apps (NL)
User's choice ballot: Games (NL)
User's choice ballot: Movies (US)

User’s choice ballot: Apps (NL) Games (NL) Movies (US)

You need to be logged in to vote. After voting, youll see the current standings for your country.

Earlier this year the Google Play editors posted their picks for Top apps and games in 2018, but that was way back in May. There have been a few high profile launches since then.