Google Play Movies now supports 4K HDR playback

Google Play Movies & TV has quietly gained 4K HDR support today, following the rollout of non-HDR 4K content late last year. So if you have a device (or TV) that supports 4K HDR, you can now take advantage of that great image quality if Play Movies is your thing.

This may work with HDR-capable phones such as the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8, but Google’s focus is on HDR-compatible TVs with Cast built-in. If you don’t own one of those, you can still see HDR if you use a Chromecast Ultra plugged into an HDR TV. Oddly enough, HDR isn’t supported in Android TV yet.

The bad news is that only certain movies are available in HDR right now. The list will surely grow in the future, but that’s something to take into account. The mention of whether HDR is a go or or not is buried deep in each movie’s listing page, but if you want to see what’s in HDR right now you can try simply searching for “HDR” in the Play Store. The final caveat (and you surely saw this coming) is that HDR content is only out in the US and Canada at the moment.