Google Pixel XL’s direct successor canceled, replaced with bigger device

A couple of months ago we heard that Google was working on not two, but three new Pixel-branded smartphones for 2017. Two of those were said to be direct successors for the Pixel and Pixel XL launched last year, with the third model being bigger than either of them. They were codenamed Walleye, Muskie, and Taimen, respectively.

Today a new rumor claims there will only be two Pixels coming out this fall after all. However, which of the three aforementioned devices was canceled may surprise you. Apparently the Pixel XL’s direct successor was canned, the Muskie that is, leaving the smaller Pixel’s successor (Walleye) to arrive alongside a bigger handset (Taimen).

This information has reportedly been confirmed by several sources. It actually sort of explains why the Pixel XL 2 we saw in a benchmark last week had a bigger screen than the original Pixel XL – because this is that third, bigger model in development (Taimen). This means Google is very likely to brand the 5.7-inch phone Pixel XL 2, even though it’s got a larger display. Hopefully that will fit in a similar footprint compared to the original XL’s thanks to smaller bezels.