Google Pixel 2 users reporting high-pitched and clicking sounds with their units

Shortly after Google said it’s investigating the screen burn-in issue with the new Pixel 2 phones, another Pixel 2-specific issue has come to light. Basically, a large number of users are reporting that their units are making ‘clicking and high pitch frequency sounds.’

Here’s what exactly users are observing (as explained by one of the affected users at the official Pixel forum):

“Whenever the phone is unlocked, I can hear a constant ticking (like the second hand of a watch) if the phone is against my ear. Doesn’t happen when the screen is off, or when the screen is on but the phone is locked.”

Things like reboot, factory reset, or even turning on the safe and airplane modes have no affect on the issue. However, some users say turning off NFC removes the clicking sound, although there’s no affect on the high pitched whine.

While Google hasn’t officially said anything on the issue, a support staff – for what it’s worth – said a fix for the issue will arrive sometime next week. Meanwhile, users are also being asked to contact 1:1 support to discuss the possibility of a replacement.