Google Photos users can now mark photos as favorites

Google is adding a new feature to its Photos app. The functionality in question lets you mark photos as favorites. The announcement regarding this was made through the service’s Twitter account.

Its OK to play favorites. Rolling out this week, tap the ⭐️ button to mark a photo as a favorite. Head to the Albums tab and view all your favorites in one place.

Google Photos (@googlephotos) May 21, 2018

To mark a photo as favorite, just open it in full screen mode and then tap the star icon present towards the top right. And to take a look at all your favorite photos, head to the Albums tab.

Google says the feature will start rolling out this week. Moving on, the company also announced users will soon also be able to heart photos shared with them.

Coming soon, you can give some love to the photos your friend just shared. Look out for the ♥️ icon when viewing a shared album or photo.

Google Photos (@googlephotos) May 21, 2018