Google parent company reports impressive growth in Q4 and FY 2018

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has just released its quarterly and yearly financial results. The three-month period that ended on December 31 brought total revenue of $39.2 billion and operating income of $8.023 billion, both well up compared with Q4 2017.

The yearly numbers looked positive as well – revenue grew from $110.85 billion to $136.81 billion or about 23%.

83% or $32.6 billion of the Q4 revenue came from advertising, most of it on Google properties. Revenues from Other Bets were just $154 million, with operating loss reaching $1.328 billion. This category includes the experimental X lab, the internet group Access, the LTE balloon Loon, drone delivery projects, self-driving cars, health science, etc.

Even if the futuristic projects brought loss, there were $9 billion in other operating income to offset it.

The yearly numbers are remarkable as well – there were more expenses in R&D, Sales and marketing, administration and even fines by the European Commission, but the total net income skyrocketed to $30 billion from $12.6 billion in 2017s.

Ruth Porat, CFO of Alphabet and Google did not provide any guidance for 2019 and simply said that the company will continue to make focused investments in the talent and infrastructure needed to bring exceptional products and experiences to users, advertisers, and partners around the globe..