Google opens Daydream VR platform for all developers

Announced less than a year ago, Googles Daydream platform is essentially the successor to Googles Cardboard viewer. Daydream VR was meant to be baked into Android N and provided a new VR experience with the included motion controller.

At CES, a couple of smartphone makers announced a partnership with Google to bring Daydream compatibility to its devices. Huaweis Mate 9 lineup, Asus Zenfone AR, and ZTEs Axon 7 have all announced official compatibility with Googles Daydream VR platform, as well as the Daydream View headset.

Google Daydream main menu

Today, Google has announced that it is opening the platform to all app developers, so they can create VR experiences to add to Daydreams VR app collection. Though, develoepers will need to meet a strict list of criteria before their app will be discoverable by others through the Daydream VR app finder.

Designing apps for VR is substantially different than for other platforms, particularly because poorly designed applications or performance issues can make some users feel nauseated.

Developers must create a high-quality experience, as the tolerance for poorly-made apps is low in a situation like this. Also, all apps must use the Daydream controller for user interaction.

Check out Googles site at the source link below to check out more about publishing VR apps for Daydream.

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