Google is piloting a Hands Free mobile payment service, no need to take phone out

Google is testing a new payment service totally separate from Android Pay. It will allow customers who have their hands full (one of the few examples given is if you are shopping with small children) or customers who are just lazy, to pay in-store without taking out the phone and with minimal interaction.

Heres how it works: your phone must have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled before using Hands Free and most of us already have those two things enabled. Bluetooth Low Energy in conjunction with location services provided by Wi-Fi prepares phones for payments by communicating with beacons installed at the registers.

The customer will simply tell the cashier that he or she is paying with Google, then the cashier verifies the image and initials with the customer and confirms the payment. A notification is then sent directly to your device, confirming the payment you just made.