Google Home and Chromecast Ultra will reportedly cost $129 and $69

We heard about Google Home back in May during Google I/O, a direct competitor to Alexa, Amazons smart assistant called Echo.

Android Police reports that Google will sell the Home assistant for $129, which is priced competitively lower than the Amazon Echo, which currently retails for $179. Although, Amazons Echo Dot 2nd gen is coming next month and only costs $50. The only caveat is that it needs an external speaker for playing music.

Likewise, a new Chromecast Ultra (as it may or may not be called), is a 4K version of the popular streaming device which is said to retail for $69. It could be HDR enabled, but other features arent mentioned. We also hope that this new Chromecast is compatible with 120Hz video (60fps) as the current Chromecast isnt capable of this.

Its likely that the current Chromecast would remain on sale once this new version goes on sale. Itd give customers the option to choose a basic model or advanced model with all the bells and whistles.

As far as availability is concerned, its possible that both of these devices could be announced at Googles Oct 4 event where the Pixel phones will also be announced.