Google had a Snapchat filter today, spreading word of tomorrows Google event

If the recent billboards going up all over New York and other parts of the US is any indication that Google really intends to advertise the Pixel phone a lot, then Googles most recent move shows how serious Google is about getting its name out there.

Google bought a sponsored Snapchat filter which appears on a national level within the US. There were two versions of the filter that Id seen myself. One of them said Best thing about Monday? Tuesday. And the most recent one that I am seeing now (as shown in my selfie) Only one day until Tomorrow. Both versions had the Google tab in the corner, which we have seen before in the Pixel launcher.

In both versions of the filter, the words Tuesday and Tomorrow are both underlined. This could just be an aesthetic choice, or just Google trying to get the press to speculate about Tuesdays.

In any case, we are just hours away from Googles Pixel phone announcement. The announcement will also announce a batch of Google products including a new Chromecast, Google Home Assistant, Google Wi-Fi router, and the Daydream VR headset.