Google Clips Camera available for $249 in the US

Today, Google Clips has become available for purchase. In case you need refresh of your memory, Google Clips was announced during the company’s Made By Google event back in October where Google announced the Pixel 2 and the Google Home Mini (among other Google products).

Clips is an AI-powered camera that you can mount, stick, prop, or hook anywhere. The premise is that you can cover the area of your event or area of happening and Google’s AI will use AI to figure out when special moments are happening.

Source: Google

AI is used to figure out when people or pets showing facial expressions of excitement or joy. Clips will show you a video montage or a collection of photos taken by the camera. This is as close as you can get to having your own photographer capturing moments and making short video montages.

You can purchase Google Clips for $249 at the Online Google Store, Best Buy, B&H Photo, and Verizon stores. For $15 bucks more, you can add an Incipio Mount case in Seafoam, Gray, or Coral.

Google Clips is definitely ahead of its time so lets see how it performs in the market. Well see if theres a demand for a set-and-forget camera that acts as an extension to the Google Photos app. After all, Google Photos can already auto-generate montage videos from videos on your camera roll, but Clips is the only one that can capture photos automatically.