Google Assistant arrives on Android Auto

Google has just announced that Assistant is finally available for Android Auto. It will appear both on the app and on supported cars and will be activated with the OK Google command.

Google Assistant will support plenty of commands while you are driving. You can navigate to specific points of interest, and you might use both Google Maps and Waze, according to your preferences. The usual questions whats on my calendar or call John or remind me to arrange dinner plans are also supported.

Google Assistant will work with follow-up questions similar to how it’s performing on a mobile device. You can ask if a particular store is open and later to ask for directions. You can also play music, listen to the news, turn on/off Bluetooth, etc. Although Google Assistant has a typing feature on smartphones, it lacks from Android Auto in order to keep your hands on the steering wheel.

Although Android Auto is available in over 30 countries, Google Assistant is initially launching to seven countries, including Australia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States.

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